Don’t let me run meetings. (and who should run meetings)

A 2001 paper by researchers at Tulsa University show that meeting duration, frequency, and impact on productivity are high. Thing is, I enjoy running sessions: brainstorming, talking through problems, and confirming expectations (and I’m not even a manager). Instead, meetings should be run by people who dislike them the most. Guaranteed to be short and […]

Hell or High Watermelon. Wheat Beer in a can

It’s late. Or early. Six months ago this would have been just after lunch break for me, but now it’s late. 1:37AM to be exact. Which means, somewhere in the world, it’s beer:37. I’m celebrating that fact by doing really large data exports from a client’s WordPress site and drinking beer. This beer is “Hell […]

Typology of a Facebook Profile Photo

It seems that there are as many different approaches to the Facebook Profile Photo as there are people on Facebook. I have attempted to classify these different approaches. Of course, which method you choose depends entirely upon how you intend to brand yourself (or your company).