H5BP a fancy acronym, a fancy way to design

The HTML 5 Boilerplate is a fantastic bit ‘o code to get started designing modern websites. Combined with the 320 and Up “mobile-first” development ideas, it’s quite powerful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well as a WordPress theme starter — especially not if you intend on using the included (and awesome) build script. So, while designing this site, I created my own version of H5BP that *does* work well with WordPress.

The top Google API’s you’ve never heard of

Did you know Google offers APIs that can predict what movie you’re most likely to watch in the theater this weekend? Or that they have an API to produce a line graph showing the number of comments on your blog over time? They have API’s as critical as telling you the humidity in Uzbekistan and as important as displaying the favicon of the Uzbekistan’s Meteorological Website (http://www.meteo.uz/, FWIW)

The Power of Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0

Custom post types in WordPress 3.0 are a big deal in the newest version of WordPress, but many people are doing it wrong. As this article shows, “Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil.” So click-forth and learn about custom post types.

WordPress Anti-Hacker

Hackers suck. If you’ve ever dealt with your WordPress site getting messed with, you’ll probably agree (and perhaps have more choice words). A client’s site recently got hacked due to a server configuration misstep, but I learned quite a bit about how a WordPress hack can look, some tools to try and get people back up and running, and how to keep it from happening in the future.