Rich web interaction mockups

I’ve talked before about how much I like Keynote. Although it’s somewhat ridiculous, this tool is a one-stop-shop for mockups. For my usage, it contains just the right balance of speed and fidelity. But I’ve struggled for a while to find a way to mockup interactions. Specifically animations as things became more complex and harder […]

When to user test and when to A/B test

I sometimes see A/B testing and user testing being talked about interchangeably. These two types of testing are approached differently and at different times in a project lifecycle. Depending on what is being tested, their goals may be different. Difference between A/B testing and user tests User testing is really a specific method of usability testing. It […]


It’s got a weird name; apparently it was named after an Al Capone henchman. Nitti is the font that IA writer selected for their popular writing apps. It’s monospaced, beautiful, and I want to put it in my code editor. In fact, I’d be happy if pretty much everywhere I did writing had this font. […]