Thirty before Thirty

Thirty things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30. I put it here so the internet might hold me accountable.

  1. Finish a WordPress based choose-your-own adventure theme that I’ve been working on (intermittently) with my sister for the past few months…
  2. Finish a WordPress theme for composers / solo musicians that I’ve been working on with some musicians over the past year or so…
  3. Finish my eBook about WordPress for artists and the accompanying theme that I’ve been working on for the past year…
  4. Go on a long backpacking trip. The Wonderland trail would be nice.
  5. Get a passport
  6. Use my passport
  7. Work at some other place for a few weeks or a month via Airbnb or other arrangements.
  8. Successfully brew my own beer. Successful means it actually tastes good
  9. ████████ (redacted for privacy)
  10. Visit D.C. and New York
  11. ████████ (redacted because it’s a surprise)
  12. Get (either buy or rent) a home that can support a large enough table to host ongoing game nights. Host them.
  13. Learn how to do letterpress printing and do a reasonable run of nerdy greeting cards
  14. Convert one of these little hobby things into a second income stream. Actual dollar amount is irrelevant for the purposes of this goal. Should be reasonably self sustaining and steady.
  15. ████████ (redacted because it’s personal)
  16. Get something funded on kickstarter
  17. Actually write the letter to BSA and send it.
  18. Plan costs, itinerary, and logistics for a through-hike of the PCT — including what it would take to get it funded via kickstarter
  19. Take a class. Any class. Writing, typography, graphic design, computer sci, whatever.
  20. Pay off truck
  21. Pay off student loans
  22. Have at least a three month cushion in savings as defined by whatever my expenses are when I turn 30.
  23. Through-hike the Wildwood Trail (It’s kind of cheating, because I was already planning to do this, before devising this list. I don’t care, I want the quick win)
  24. Get good photos/headshots taken for gravatar, twitter, speaker headshots, etc.
  25. Learn the basic of Adobe After Effects and make something cool.
  26. Get a dog.
  27. Migrate all of my sites to an nginx unmanaged host.
  28. Read 30 books
  29. Don’t touch a computer for a week
  30. undecided

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