Find my iThingy

I’m sure there are plenty of heartwarming stories about how Find my iPhone, the Apple device locator app, has reunited them with their iThingy. I should have one too. My story turns out fine, don’t get me wrong:

Boy loses device at coffee shop. Boy doesn’t realize until days later when he goes to watch Netflix. Boy looks through house. Boy uses Find my iPhone app. Boy locates iPad at coffee shop where it had been rescued and turned in.

But here is where there is supposed to be jubilation, jumping up and down, happy dances, and drinks-all-around. I did none of things. I think I was more excited when a friend caught my obscure Eddie Izzard reference yesterday. Boy leaves coffee shop with shops reasonably glad he found it, but also kind of annoyed.

Am I just not that attached to it? I know now that I don’t deserve it. Maybe I should sell it and buy my parents a proper Mac. It has been useful for testing websites and I enjoy it for things like Netflix and reading newsfeeds. Maybe I’m just annoyed at myself for having lost it in the first place, and not excited because I’m tired?

Thoughts? Am I a spoiled suburban tool having a serious #firstworldproblem? Or?

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