Hell or High Watermelon. Wheat Beer in a can

Hell or HIgh Watermelon can illustrationIt’s late. Or early. Six months ago this would have been just after lunch break for me, but now it’s late. 1:37AM to be exact. Which means, somewhere in the world, it’s beer:37. I’m celebrating that fact by doing really large data exports from a client’s WordPress site and drinking beer.

This beer is “Hell or High Watermelon” by 21st Amendment Brewery. It’s a cloudy amber color after pouring it from the very illustrated can that it ships in. Yeah, that’s right cans. It’s the new craft brewery hipster-eco-sauce. Technically cans are better than bottles if you take the time to pour them off into a glass.

Back to the beer. It’s watermelony. You can smell it and you can taste it. In fact, if you’re not bracing yourself for that flavor, it can make the whole thing seem a little off. Imagine tasting a really bitter IPA for the first time, or watching someone eat a peanut that was a bit past it’s seventh-inning. Yeah, you make that face. Then something weird happens. About halfway through the glass you realize that it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s kind of a refreshing summer flavor. It reminds me of a humid day on the front porch of my Aunt’s house in a podunk town in Iowa (though I doubt they drank anything more sophisticated then bud light).

It’s actually pretty good. Assuming you can get halfway through.

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