Catch up: Joining 10up, WebVisions, WCSEA, PDX-WP

So for a while it looked like I actually might be regularly writing things for the blog. At least it looked like it to me. Possibly. Maybe. Then I got hired by a top-tier web development agency: 10up, LLC and I moved to Oregon and my life has been all sorts of busy since.

This means it’s time for another re-design of this site despite this one not even being completed. Since I’m not going to use it as a client landing page any more, I think I’ll re-focus attention on blogging about WordPress, UiX, Web Design, etc and have a separate section that can serve as landing pages for community projects. But that’s a weekend project vying for attention with all this other stuff:

Coming up quickly (happening right now) is WebVisions Portland. I’ll be there on Lorelle VanFossen’s panel with a few other WordPress experts from the Portland area. If you happen to be headed there, our panel is Friday (May 18th) in the afternoon, stop by and say hi!

I was able to secure a last minute ticket to WordCamp Seattle and will be driving up for the day to be there. Plan on attending my coworker, Zack’s, presentation titled “There’s a function for that…

Totally unrelated, but Sunday is a World War II living history event in Adair Village, OR. Adair Village exists because of the WWII-era Camp Adair – a training and staging installation for troops eventually headed overseas. If you’re into that stuff and in the area, stop by the WWII barracks… Unfortunately I’m not really sure where they are, but the city is quite small – someone’s bound to know… We’ll be there in the early afternoon

This Monday evening (May 21st) will be my second attendance at the Portland WordPress User group meetup. The topic is all about editing the codex – I’m looking forward to being there.

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