CSS Naked Day

Cascading Stylesheets or CSS has become an integral part of designing websites since widespread browser adoption in the late 1990s and early 2000’s. Although CSS has transformed the way we design — or should be designing — for the web, there are lots of people still clinging to deprecated code and the even more antiquated table-based layout.

Websites That Don't Suck, half naked.
Websites That Don't Suck, half naked.

In an effort to highlight the significant design role that CSS has in good, standards-based web design, as well as the critical role that properly structured HTML plays, April 9, 2009 has been declared CSS Naked Day.

Unfortunately CSS Naked Day doesn’t seem to have attracted as much a following as it should with only 190 websites registered for 2009 (although over 2000 are listed as having participated last year).

  • For those with websites: Visit naked.dustindiaz.com to learn how to participate (hint: strip all CSS out on April 9th).
  • For those without websites: On April 9, 2009 visit http://naked.dustindiaz.com/ to get a list of participating websites. Check them out and see what they look like naked.

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