WordPress Plugin Search is Beautiful

wordpress logo under a magnifying glass

The “new and improved” WordPress plugin search has been available for a little while now (a few hours anyway) and I just had the opportunity to try it out.

It’s glorious.

Before: Search for “Recent Posts.” Get “cForms II.” What? In fact, there were many plugins that would come up in the search results time and time again. Even when searching for an exact title you’d get these oddities.

Now: Search for “Recent Posts” and low and behold a popular Recent Posts plugin pops up in the #1 spot. TDD Recent Posts — my plugin — now comes up in the 9th spot. Not bad.

The search enhancement has been done on the WordPress.org side of things, so it’s an immediate change for everyone without any downloads or upgrades necessary. Props to Matt and the Automattic Team for getting this one ironed out.

If you want to try it out login to wp-admin, expand the “Plugins” menu, click on “Add New” and you’ll find your search box.

PS: WordPress 2.7.1 is available now. It fixes some security issues, so let’s get those backups (then updates) done.

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