52 reasons your website sucks

52 reasons why your website sucks. I haven’t given them a priority order even though some transgressions are more heinous than others.

  1. It says “coming soon”
  2. Obscure error messages pop up to tell you something isn’t right and it’s your fault
  3. The site is designed based on tables
  4. Graphics replace text when text would be just fine
  5. The color scheme looks like vomit
  6. Navigation is unhelpful in finding your way around
  7. Graphics are in amazingly large sizes for no particular reason
  8. <marquee>, <blink>, and other non-standard markup
  9. No CSS
  10. It was designed using Microsoft FrontPage
  11. It uses animated GIFs…
  12. …of dancing anything
  13. Something is blinking
  14. It plays music or movies on the front page without permission…
  15. … and it’s impossible to find the “off” button
  16. Poorly written / incoherent copy
  17. There’s no way to get in touch with the website owner, author, or editor
  18. Search engines can’t spider your content
  19. People using screen readers can’t read your content
  20. Copyright infringement
  21. The site is designed for 640×480
  22. The site is designed for larger than 1280×1024
  23. The site tells you that you need a certain browser or screen resolution
  24. The site enforces the above policy with JavaScript browser detection and redirects
  25. It says “under construction”
  26. The “under construction” banner uses an animated GIF
  27. The domain name is obscure and hard to write. e.g. 4great888wonderfulz.com
  28. Your site has duplicate content, perhaps unknowingly
  29. The url’s to get around your website are difficult for anyone to remember. e.g. site.com?p=1020388&q=949&up=yes%20I%20think%20so
  30. The back-button has been broken because it will “keep people on the site”
  31. Your site uses frames to organize content
  32. The site is missing relevant title tags
  33. Your site is missing relevant content
  34. Your site just isn’t relevant
  35. Splash pages
  36. Old, outdated text is being billed as “news”
  37. Old, outdated text is marked as being old and outdated. E.g. “updated on 12/9/2001”
  38. Pop-up browser windows are evil, even if they don’t contain ads
  39. Your site messes with the browser interface elements. Perhaps it colors the scroll bar or disables the right click.
  40. Font-abuse (size, color, style, font)
  41. You have links labeled “click here”
  42. You have links that aren’t obviously links
  43. You have text that looks like a link, but isn’t
  44. The site copy (text) cannot be scanned easily (we don’t read, we scan for information)
  45. here has been no attempt at creating semantic markup
  46. Lists aren’t created by using <li> tags
  47. The site says “welcome to…”
  48. The design of the website does not match the character of the organization or entity it represents
  49. The site makes me scroll horizontally
  50. All necessary white-space has been eliminated
  51. Unnecessary white-space has been added
  52. The website does not validate, or even come close

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