Small image hero

Large call to action using one reasonably sized photo

So you want to create a really large hero component or call to action with a focus on images to perhaps add some visual interest to the area or break up an otherwise fairly boring sea of flat boxes.

One big challenge will be to get really large images, in the correct (very narrow) aspect ratio, that are art-directed so they don’t cause problems with your text. Once that’s done, now you’re going to need to contend with the large file (and thus download) sizes of that hero image.

Okay, so there are some challenges. Hit the jump to see how I solved it.

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Why running beta can be bad, even if you know what you’re doing.

A while ago—about the last post on this blog—I decided to start running Trunk. Since 3.6 was a few weeks away at that time and I wanted to know what was going on with Post Formats, I also modified the site to utilize some of the fun new functions.

Then the Post Format upgrades were pulled from trunk. Then I updated all the WordPress sites on my server to 3.5.2. Except the site running trunk updated to the latest trunk version. So now my theme is referencing functions that don’t exist…. and this happens:

from the_coding_love()
from the_coding_love()

This site is overdue for a new theme.


This theme on github

I just put this theme up on Github to make it easier for me to push and pull changes. It isn’t that exciting; the core of the theme is about 2 years old and frankly kind of scary. I just started updating it for use with 3.6′s post formats, however.


It’s got a weird name; apparently it was named after an Al Capone henchman. Nitti is the font that IA writer selected for their popular writing apps. It’s monospaced, beautiful, and I want to put it in my code editor. In fact, I’d be happy if pretty much everywhere I did writing had this font.

If anyone is feeling particularly like they’d love to buy me a license, I’d like, at least, the standard and web version of Nitti basic light, Nitti basic light italic, and Nitti basic light bold—six fonts total. Having on hand Nitti regular and Nitti regular italic would be nice to have. Pricing is in euros, so at the moment that doesn’t help.

Nitti Light in IA Writer
Nitti Light in IA Writer

comment_reply_link add_below argument

When you’re writing your own custom comments callback, you’ll likely need to write-in a template tag called comment_reply_link. This template tag takes an array of options, one of which is add_below to direct where the comment reply form should be appended.

When it runs, the value of add_below is appended with a dash and the ID of the current comment. So it’s important that the ID of where you want the comment form to pop under is the same.

Thirty before Thirty

Thirty things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30. I put it here so the internet might hold me accountable.

  1. Finish a WordPress based choose-your-own adventure theme that I’ve been working on (intermittently) with my sister for the past few months…
  2. Finish a WordPress theme for composers / solo musicians that I’ve been working on with some musicians over the past year or so…
  3. Finish my eBook about WordPress for artists and the accompanying theme that I’ve been working on for the past year…
  4. Go on a long backpacking trip. The Wonderland trail would be nice.
  5. Get a passport
  6. Use my passport
  7. Work at some other place for a few weeks or a month via Airbnb or other arrangements.
  8. Successfully brew my own beer. Successful means it actually tastes good
  9. ████████ (redacted for privacy)
  10. Visit D.C. and New York
  11. ████████ (redacted because it’s a surprise)
  12. Get (either buy or rent) a home that can support a large enough table to host ongoing game nights. Host them.
  13. Learn how to do letterpress printing and do a reasonable run of nerdy greeting cards
  14. Convert one of these little hobby things into a second income stream. Actual dollar amount is irrelevant for the purposes of this goal. Should be reasonably self sustaining and steady.
  15. ████████ (redacted because it’s personal)
  16. Get something funded on kickstarter
  17. Actually write the letter to BSA and send it.
  18. Plan costs, itinerary, and logistics for a through-hike of the PCT — including what it would take to get it funded via kickstarter
  19. Take a class. Any class. Writing, typography, graphic design, computer sci, whatever.
  20. Pay off truck
  21. Pay off student loans
  22. Have at least a three month cushion in savings as defined by whatever my expenses are when I turn 30.
  23. Through-hike the Wildwood Trail (It’s kind of cheating, because I was already planning to do this, before devising this list. I don’t care, I want the quick win)
  24. Get good photos/headshots taken for gravatar, twitter, speaker headshots, etc.
  25. Learn the basic of Adobe After Effects and make something cool.
  26. Get a dog.
  27. Migrate all of my sites to an nginx unmanaged host.
  28. Read 30 books
  29. Don’t touch a computer for a week
  30. undecided

Don’t use target=”_blank”

I’ve been asked a few times in the past year about opening links in new windows. Just because a tag, property, or attribute is there — even valid — doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to use. For instance, did you know there’s a valid CSS property to make things blink a’la the infamous <blink> tag? Doesn’t mean that’s okay.

Anyway, I wrote a blog post for 10up on the topic in case you want to know what you should be doing.

Find my iThingy

I’m sure there are plenty of heartwarming stories about how Find my iPhone, the Apple device locator app, has reunited them with their iThingy. I should have one too. My story turns out fine, don’t get me wrong:

Boy loses device at coffee shop. Boy doesn’t realize until days later when he goes to watch Netflix. Boy looks through house. Boy uses Find my iPhone app. Boy locates iPad at coffee shop where it had been rescued and turned in.

But here is where there is supposed to be jubilation, jumping up and down, happy dances, and drinks-all-around. I did none of things. I think I was more excited when a friend caught my obscure Eddie Izzard reference yesterday. Boy leaves coffee shop with shops reasonably glad he found it, but also kind of annoyed.

Am I just not that attached to it? I know now that I don’t deserve it. Maybe I should sell it and buy my parents a proper Mac. It has been useful for testing websites and I enjoy it for things like Netflix and reading newsfeeds. Maybe I’m just annoyed at myself for having lost it in the first place, and not excited because I’m tired?

Thoughts? Am I a spoiled suburban tool having a serious #firstworldproblem? Or?